Tanglewood DBT SFCE BW
  • Tanglewood DBT SFCE BW


    This American Black Walnut model has been in Tanglewoods programme for around 6 years only, and has already achieved legendary status, for its sound , playability and beautiful cosmetic.


    Tanglewood select the finest Himalayan Spruce for their tops and marry that with American Black Walnut timber to give the perfect blend of style and substance.

    Each instrument is carefully braced for a warm and rich acoustic tone and they fit an onboard EX4 EQ system for players who need studio or stage compatibility.

    Each model has a unique grain pattern, no two Walnut trees are the same, and this run right through to our instruments.


    Tanglewood select models at the timber yard that are well figured and striking so that you can be sure that you have a heirloom instrument to play and pass on for future players.