Boss Phase Shifter PH-3

Boss Phase Shifter PH-3


- The Boss PH-3 pedal provides a myriad of vintage and modern phasing, including the "rise" and "fall" modes for unique, unidirectional phasing. Syncing these phasing effects is as simple as tapping the pedal to the desired tempo, while an optional expression pedal provides real-time control of PH-3's Rate, Filter and Tempo.

- In addition to standard up and down cycles, the new PH-3 Infinite Phaser can produce entirely upward or downward moving sounds through its new Rise and Fall effects. There's also 3, 8, 10, and 12 stage phasers, plus a step effect.

- Syncing the PH-3's phasing effects is easily achievable by simply tapping the pedal to a desired tempo. Alternatively for maximum control an optional expression pedal can be connected to control both rate and filter in real time as you play.

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